About Us

East Medical Care Center is the one and the only Medical Centre on Lembongan Island that provides a high standard of care, treatment and facilities. As one of the busiest ‘tourism activities’ islands, Lembongan needs an appropriate medical facility that supports the local & tourist population.

East Medical Care Centre (EMCC) was established with the capability to give local residents and visitors to Lembongan, peace of mind in the event of an accident or medical problem.

EMCC has an emergency room, procedure bed, doctor’s consultation room, observation room, pharmacy and laboratory. EMCC is located in the heart of Lembongan Island, at the intersection to Mushroom Beach, Secret beach, Sunset Beach, Yellow Bridge and to Jungut Batu Beach. The clinic can be reached within 5 minutes by local transport. Our Ambulance vehicle & escort team is on standby for emergencies & transfers 24 hours.

Should you have an emergency case ?

Please call us on our 24hrs call Centre 081 339 55 55 15

Our staff are multilingual and chosen for their high level of expertise & training. We pride ourselves in being patient focused & evidence based in our management of patients.
Our services on this beautiful island included :

  • 24 hours Doctor Consultation,
  • 24 hours Home Visit/ Call Out Service
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Ambulance Transfer
  • Observation Room
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy

For more complex cases it may be medically necessary to transfer patients to a higher-level facility or hospital in Bali. Where a Medical Evacuation is deemed medically necessary the EMCC Medical Evacuation team are on standby to evacuate a patient, either with helicopter or speedboat to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility in Denpasar Bali.